School Bond Results

School Bond Results
Posted on 02/16/2024
Preschool Playground

Dear Hood Canal Families,

I am sorry to report that at just under 57%, it is clear that our bond will not reach the 60% needed to pass. Additional votes counted since Election Day have not changed the result. We did see higher voter turnout and more community support and engagement than most can remember. This bodes well for the future of our school and is a wonderful foundation to build upon for everything that our students need. The good news about what’s happening in our school is rapidly spreading and that’s not going to stop. I am convinced that the best years Hood Canal has ever seen are immediately ahead.

With all that is positive, it’s heartbreaking that a minority of voters in our community were able to deny our students educational opportunities they deserve, despite the majority of community members showing their support for our students and our little school. Our legislature is again re-examining the 60% supermajority requirement, which most states have long since abandoned. We are the poster child for this issue, having three times received over 55% support in bond elections. We were even featured prominently in this Seattle Times article on the topic.

In the meantime, starting this spring we will be forced to, again, make difficult decisions about students and programs due to our persistent space challenges. Our team is up to the task and will figure something out, but it shouldn’t be necessary to compromise what students need and deserve. We will have to continue sharing these stories with our community so they better understand the impact. Soon, our School Board will be discussing next steps regarding our facilities. The bond may not have passed, but our students’ needs are not going away and we still need a plan.

So much is going really well at Hood Canal. We have positive momentum and this will not get in the way. Our staff and students are resilient, resourceful, creative overcomers. That’s a story we will keep telling. I am genuinely excited about the months and years ahead. I hope you are, too! Hood Canal is a remarkable place and more and more people are rapidly discovering that. Thank you for allowing us to serve your children and for your partnership. We will continue to reach our highest potential - together!


Dr. Lance Gibbon, Superintendent, Hood Canal School District