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Hood Canal School Library Catalog Here is a link to our library catalog. Students and staff can search to see which books are available through the library.


We are excited to share that the Hood Canal School District and the Timberland Regional Library (TRL) have formed a partnership to provide students access to a wider range and depth of information via the library's vast electronic services collection. MyTRL allows for students to view and check out electronic library resources (ebooks and audiobooks) that are automatically returned. There are also many databases available. Students can also upgrade their online only library card to a regular library card with a parent's permission and verification of the address and contact information. Students who already have a regular TRL card may continue to use it as well as the HCS digital card.

Parents may choose to opt out of the MyTRL program at any time by contacting the school office.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR MYTRL: Students should bookmark the link to MyTRL by clicking on the star in the far right side of the URL box where the web address goes. They will be prompted to name and save the bookmark. They should call it MyTRL. When they enter their password, they should save their username and password so they don't need to put it in when asked again. Some of the databases will ask for the user name and password again, so saving it is essential.

Students access it with the following login:

  • USERNAME: HCS student ID + birth month (2 digits) + birth year (4 digits)
  • PIN: birth month + birth day

Example of a student login:

Birthday 04/30/2008, HCS #0012345

Username: 0012345042008

Password: 0430

Timberland Regional Library Timberland Regional Library is an amazing resource for ebooks, audiobooks, and a variety of fun and educational databases. If you already have a card, simply log on and explore. You can sign up for a card through their website, as well. Hood Canal School is in the process of getting library cards for online use for all of our students through Timberland's MyTRL program. We will let you know when those are available.

Ebooks!!! Hood Canal Students now have access to ebooks through To use this resource, students will need to download the Open eBooks app on an Android or Apple Device. There is an app that should work on newer (2018 or newer) Chromebooks. Our Tech Administrator is working on that process. Jamie Allwine can provide students with a username and password and then students can download up to 10 books at a time for up to 56 days! More information will be coming out through the Library's Google Classroom!

For assistance regarding using the library or any of the resources mentioned, please call 360-877-5463, ext. 213.