Welcome to the Superintendent's page.


The Hood Canal School Board has accepted the resignation of Superintendent Jose-de-Jesus Melendez, pending the eight-day waiting period which is anticipated to be February 23, 2023. He will complete the remainder of his contract on administrative leave. We appreciate his service to the district and wish him well.

Our Board stands committed to our four core goals:

  • Literacy: Providing predictable and cohesive instruction that reflects the common core standards, resulting in increased levels of academic achievement.
  • Communication: Engaging in effective communication in the form of social media, official website postings, brochures and newsletters.
  • Attendance: Significantly improving attendance rates at all grade levels, in an effort to positively impact student academic performance.
  • District Culture: All stakeholders working together as a cohesive, dedicated team, in service of our children.

There is still work to be done, children to teach, and goals to be realized. Our Board will ensure that our school administrators, staff, families and students are supported during this transition, as we seek a new superintendent.