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Jose-de-Jesus Melendez, ED. S.

Jose-de-Jesus Melendez, ED. S.
360.877.5463 ext.202

It is with eagerness that I have joined Hood Canal School District in partnership to engage each, and every student to become academically successful. I believe it will be vital that together, WE realize our full potential with the understanding that there will be natural adaptive challenges. I welcome these challenges. With my new administrative team and our capable educators, this year, we will focus on raising our attendance rates so that children have time in school to become competent readers and writers.
I am deeply committed to listening, learning, and growing with everyone in our community. I will operate with humility, integrity, honesty, and respect; always using transparent and positive communication. My professional and moral obligation to educate our children will be my compass day in and day out. I am looking forward to learning about the hopes, dreams, concerns, and ideas that we share, and can use as everlasting energy to prepare our children for productive pathways, successful careers and prosperous lives.

Hood Canal School District
Superintendent Goals

LITERACY:  Using an identified, vertically aligned common, and comprehensive literacy curriculum that reflects the common core standards, Hood Canal students K through 8th grade will receive predictable and cohesive instruction in the five pillars of literacy – phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension, resulting in increased levels of academic achievement.

COMMUNICATION:  Expecting effective, timely communication from administration, teachers, the School Board, and Superintendent. Effective communication will be ongoing throughout the school year in the form of official website postings, brochures, newsletters, and media to parents, local businesses and community in an effort to share the district vision, school events, boards goals, student achievement celebrations, and community activities.

DISTRICT CULTURE:  Building trust, compassion, honesty and transparency, all key stakeholders (Superintendent, Board Directors, Administrators, teachers, support, paraeducators, food service and transportation staff, students, parents and community members) will become a cohesive dedicated team that works together in service to our children.

DISTRICT MISSION:  Cultivating a safe, inclusive, supportive learning environment that engages the whole student in a community that promotes collaboration, communication, and academic achievement through critical thinking and problem-solving. Reaching our highest potential. Together.

Standard 1:  Mission, Vision and Core Values (Board Goals: Communication and District Culture).  Note: I will be working with both building principals directly to maintain a focused and an intentional presence of the district mission within all endeavors in the building.

From Standard 1:  Develop approaches to proactively advocate for a shared mission, and core values of high-quality education and academic success and well-being for each student.

A. Build staff commitment to the district mission through consistent and ongoing communication.

  • Engage all internal stakeholders with the mission of the district through consistent and ongoing communication (written, web-based, verbal, and/or in-person presentations) at every opportunity available
  • Engage, to the greatest extent possible, external stakeholders and the community at large with the district mission through ongoing communication (written, web-based, verbal, and/or in-person presentations) at every opportunity available

Standard 3:  Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (Board Goal: Literacy)

Form Standard 3: Promote and support intellectually rigorous and coherent systems of evidence-based (Empirical Evidence) curriculum, Instruction, and assessment to promote each student’s academic success and well-being.

A. Advocate for student learning as the district’s highest priority.

  • Consistently provide professional development that emphasizes student needs and academic achievement
  • Consistently use a framework to create/support rigorous instructional systems for teaching and learning

B. Promote the systematic improvement of coherent curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

  • Set the conditions for moving toward an adoption of a new ELA curriculum
  • Establish, and guide a group/committee with equitable representation as per district policy in early Spring to begin this work

Standard 6:  Meaningful Engagement of Families and Community (Board Goal: Communication and District Culture)

From Standard 6:  Engage families and the community in meaningful, reciprocal, and mutually beneficial ways to promote each student’s academic success and well-being.

A. Develop strategies to involve families and community members in the educational process.

  • Create spaces and opportunities for families and the community to provide perspective and inform district decisions about children’s education.

B. Engage the Board and the community in planning, conducting, and building community understanding and effort for supporting levies and bond measures.

  • Create all necessary steps for communication for a new bond election process.
  • Create all spaces, opportunities, meetings, and engagement for a productive bond election to take place.
  • Ensure that all stakeholder groups, agencies, and business partners are supported and position to do all necessary work as required by the bond effort.
  • Center all related bond communication, bond work, and bond engagement based on the current needs for expansion of our facility to support all future enrollment growth, and facility needs.

Standard 8:  Collaboration with the School Board (Board Goals:  All four goals)

From Standard 8: Develop a positive working relationship with the Board as a governing body and with each Board member that will lead to establishing an effective Board and Superintendent team working together to improve student achievement outcomes.

A. Provide the Board with timely information on all district matters.

  • Via Superintendent reports to the Board: assist the Board’s knowledge and understanding on all current issues and challenges so the Board may be better positioned and prepared to perform their work.

B. Provide timely and necessary support for effective Board decision making.

  • As an executive advisor to the Board, assist the Board to be in the know of possible implications for students, staff, families or the community as a result of decisions being made (or that need to be made).
  • Work with the Board to ensure that all Board agendas are timely prepared, consistent and focused to the greatest extent possible on School Board priorities, and goals.
  • Working with the Board, continue advocating for and support the Board’s ongoing professional development; working with the current coach/trainer, motivate and encourage conference attending, and when in need, offer multiple perspective development during study sessions

Completion Date:  June 30, 2023