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My vision for an effective school involves dedicated teachers who are well-versed in their learning standards, skillful with instruction and assessment, and passionate about teaching young people. I believe that school should serve as “an extended family.” It should be a comfortable and inspiring place- free of bullying or harassment- where diversity is honored and respected. Strong, positive relationships among staff and students establish a foundation for future growth and learning.  Staff should hold high expectations for our students and demonstrate the belief that all students can learn and achieve. Staff should be trauma-informed and recognize the unique potential in every child. 

I believe in a holistic education- one that honors the whole child. Kids should enjoy school and feel engaged in the learning. I love the strengths-based approach, where every child is seen for his or her unique gifts and talents. I believe in providing engaging experiences for our students in order to build background knowledge and rich vocabulary. Hands-on learning is often the most engaging approach for many students. Field trips, projects, experiments, and problem-solving are valuable experiences for our students. Most importantly, I want our students to learn how to learn, think critically, and express creativity. My hope is that Hood Canal School is place that prepares students for high school and beyond. My dream is that all kids develop, learn, and identify their passions for life beyond school.  

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