Vernon Bruni

Vernon J. Bruni
360.877.5463 ext.217

Hello, my name is Vernon Bruni. I am the new principal at Hood Canal School. My belief is that every child has the right to a safe, stimulating, challenging, diverse education in order to grow and mature socially, intellectually, physically, and emotionally.  I also believe that it is our duty as Educators to teach the “whole child” and to provide a secure, positive, engaging, and academic atmosphere in order to offer such an education to the very best of our abilities.   A principal is a partner in the educational process who commits to the students by working with the teachers, parents, institutional colleagues, and the community.  ALL kids can learn, and ALL kids deserve the opportunity to learn. As educators, we need to help teach our kids to be better able to live a virtuous, generous, well-informed life.


Since 2009, I have worked with students of many different socioeconomic, religious and ethnic backgrounds in many different capacities.  I have taught and coached at private businesses and organizations, as well as public schools while living in Germany.  I have worked as a paraprofessional in charter, private and public schools in Minnesota. I have also taught full-time in public, private and charter schools in both Minnesota and Washington. I have now worked as an Administrative Intern in a K-12 school, and as an Assistant Principal/Athletic Director in a 7-12 public school. Teaching, coaching and mentoring young people has been very fulfilling, and I believe my enthusiasm, passion and charisma allow me to make special connections and inspirations with young people.


Until I got to Hood Canal School, I had never walked into a building that was filled with so much positivity, skill and support for each other! I am excited to be a part of this school family, and every interaction I have had so far, proves that my family and I are making the right move to come to Hood Canal School! What a great district to work in, with such great leadership, support staff and teachers already in place. I can’t tell you how lucky we are!