COVID 19 Updates

Based on WA State and Mason County DOH Policies, if a student or staff member tests positive for Covid-19 they are required to stay home for 5 days from symptom onset and quarantine. 

For the 6-10th days after symptoms began, diligent mask wearing is required for anyone who tested positive to prevent getting others sick while at school. Students can return to school on the 6th day only if they are feeling significantly improved and have not had a fever, diarrhea, or needed to take cold/flu/fever-related medication in the last 24 hours. 

Other classmates and adults who do not test positive can remain at school. If a student is exposed to someone who later tests positive, we can offer free rapid antigen testing in the health room during normal school hours as a precaution especially if any cold or flu-like symptoms begin. Thank you Hood Canal Families, Students, and Staff for all you do each day to stay healthy and keep our community safe while learning, growing, and reaching our highest potential together. 

The school has a Safety Committee who meets regularly, reads guidance from OSPI and the Department of Health, develops protocols for testing, contact tracing, quarantining, and communicating. If you believe your student has been exposed to COVID 19 or have questions about the pandemic, please reach out to Nurse Lindsey Allwine at 360-877-5463. 

If a person tests positive for COVID, they can return to school when the following criteria are met: 

• 10 days since symptom onset, or since positive test specimen collection date if no symptoms are present (up to 20 days for those for those who are severely ill or severely immunocompromised),

AND • 24 hours after fever resolves without use of fever-reducing medications, 

AND • Symptoms have improved This isolation guidance applies regardless of vaccination status. 

If a person with COVID-19 symptoms tests negative for COVID, they may return to school so long as they are not in close contact with someone with COVID-19 and subject to quarantine.

Policy 3432_Emergencies